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Thursday, April 18, 2019
Following a live deployment in December, Babergh and Mid Suffolk were awarded the iESE Bronze Award in the Intelligent Council category following an award ceremony on Wednesday 6th March. Babergh and Mid Suffolk were one of the councils which helped spearhead the deployment of this Public-Facing Module, which is now openly available for purchase. The system links with their back-end Exacom Obligations Suite, showing that data to the public and allowing them to access application and covenant details, as well as allowing members of the public to download deeds. We are thankful for the recognition of the work on both ends to get the product working as an effective tool for enabling transparency in the CIL and S106 processes. The council released a news statement on the matter at the following link: . Additionally, the full list of winners can be found at: .
Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Exacom are pleased to announce the release of its Planning Obligations Public Facing Module (PFM). This public facing server allows the public to see, for the first time, the full detailed picture of the local authority’s collection, management and spending of all types of planning obligations gained through Section 106 and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) within their area of responsibility. The PFM allows the public to search and interrogate the PFM by Ward/Parish, type of Section 106 planning obligation, financial and non-financial, application details, CIL allocation types, allocations and spending. Users can also drill down to clause and definition details from Section 106 deeds and access the actual Section 106 deed document and any variations. The PFM can be used to see where both Section 106 and CIL sums have been allocated and where sums have been spent. The data is updated on a daily basis ensuring that the data presented is always current. Viewers of the site can also print this data. The CIL area allows web users to see how the CIL is divided, handed over to Parishes and spent on strategic infrastructure. The PFM will also signpost the relevant service that is responsible for obligation types. We believe that this is a revolution in planning obligation transparency and will set the future standard in planning obligation transparency for the rest of the UK. We would like to thank Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council for their assistance in launching this project with their planning obligation data.
Friday, March 16, 2018
Exacom has issued a statement on the General Data Protection Regulation. It can be found here.