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Exacom provides software solutions and support to the Local Government sectors.
CIL and Section 106 management training.

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What do we offer?

Our leading web based multi-user CIL Administrator product is aimed at Community Infrastructure Levy charging and collection authorities and is designed to take the sting out of CIL administration, providing a work-flow interface to enable an administrator to capture information, calculate charges, levies, surcharges etc, generate notices and manage finance. It also provides alerting when due dates are reached. Uniquely, our software is complemented by a CIL training course led by our in-house CIL expert, which is included in our CIL Administrator package.
Our products include:
  • CIL Administrator

    This module has been custom written to operate in full accordance with current CIL legislation, offering an efficient, accountable and professional solution to governance from the moment a CIL-liable application is submitted. The module has many vital features which will enable collecting authorities to keep the complex CIL process on track. An in-built calculator automatically determines all liabilities, including levies, amendments, apportionment, BCIS, surcharges, Mayoral CIL (if required), Social Housing, and receipts. Notices are generated in full accordance with CIL regulations, and reviews, appeals and enforcement are handled with ease. A full reporting suite puts information at your fingertips, and the in-built Document Management System keeps information organised.

    There is no need for invoicing as the system produces all of the necessary demand notices, and automatically interacts with your financial software to amend information (for example if a payment policy is withdrawn or a surcharge applied). Minimum data input is required and workflow is streamlined, with alerts, data imports and automatic event linking enabling the CIL Officer to proactively manage the complicated admin process. CIL Administrator is also capable of monitoring two individual CILs, making it ideal for London Boroughs operating their own Levy in conjunction with TFL charging.
  • S106 Administrator

    Exacom’s new S106 Administrator module is now up and running and being used by several councils. Exacom have managed to bring CIL and Section 106 Planning Obligations together as a one stop obligation planning suite which in turn are controlled by the Exacom Corporate Project Module, the Project Module corporately monitors, reports, allocates and controls the spending all of the CIL and S106 funds. The module records all financial procedures and transactions, both incoming and outgoing, and according to the Heads of Terms detailed in the legal agreement. S106 income can be allocated to projects and / or budget headings and codes.

    A full reporting library of templates enables any information recorded in the system to be reported upon with ease, and the alerts system can be programmed to in accordance with phases and trigger points in a legal agreement or any user defined linking, automatic notice production with a mail merge facility, separation of financial and physical obligations, a Document Management System, and a full research facility when linked to the Project Administrator module.
  • Project Administrator

    The unique Project Administrator module has been designed to manage CIL and S106 spending on infrastructure projects from one central point, either individually or in conjunction with each other. It links directly to the CIL and S106 Administrator modules to show the ‘live’ overall financial situation, and provides instant and direct access to your entire contributions portfolio (potential, actual, allocated and spent). The module allows you to allocate sums directly from the various income streams, and back-links to Section 106 Agreements to evidence apportionment (including automatic warnings if the ‘five contribution’ pooling rule is breached).

    The CIL and S106 modules are automatically updated to keep records accurate across the entire system with no need for multiple manual input. Other sources of funding, such as grants or ‘matched funding’ can also be recorded, financial and physical obligation searches can be carried out with ease and a full reporting suite puts all information fully under the Project Manager’s control. The module offers a comprehensive financial management tool for complex infrastructure projects, which may have multiple contributors over several years, and goes a long way in assisting with the completion of statutory end of year reports and the discharge of LA’s responsibilities under the Localism Bill
  • Online Calculator

    Web-based calculator that links to your Exacom system to allow users to easily calculate area expenses.
  • Public-Facing Module

    Responsive and user-friendly web-based public front-end Project Administrator interface, also providing the public with direct details and links to S106 Deeds.
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Clients have access to a customer area which includes a helpdesk and forums for discussing topics with other clients and authorities.

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